living building system

'aneX' - a prefabricated mass production building system.

Responding to the simple brief: "What do you think the city could be?"

AneX depicts a built environment capable of fine grain and large scale changes without disturbing ongoing uses. Designed for future extension, renovation, downsizing and reuse.
The aneX building system comprises of three levels of structure.
  1. Primary structure supports loads and carries service networks. The primary structure consists of three mass-produced components arranged to form structures of varying scale and density. These primary components; columns, beams and joints are arrange within a 3D grid. The 3D grid sets standard modules for the secondary structure and possible boundaries between use zones and different uses.
  2. Secondary structure also mass-produced is of a flat-pack scale. The secondary components are intended to be ‘plug & play’. Saving cost on transport and specialist trades. Users can carry and install secondary and tertiary structure with an ‘IKEA’ level of simplicity.
  3. The tertiary structure. Mainly partition walls, attach to secondary structure without service connections, making it the most simple and flexible level of componentry.

The system has been employed in scenarios of varying density appearing to grow on and within the city of Adelaide.